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We had a lovely stay at the Dudawat Hotel, very well situated. A nice room, friendly service and a great breakfast at the Bewleys. A booking by CentralReservation was a pleasure. Easy and correct.
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It’s the time when Mr.Gulab Bhai Purohit came to Ahmedabad in 1967 when he was only of 19 Years old.He with his immense sence belived that knowledge was very Important so he joined night college.Later on he joined a cloth merchant in Ahmedabad as an Accountant.But these all was not enough here in Ahmedabad because to survive food was important and with it shelter was also important.During this time period one of his Uncle opened a restaurant named “Purohit”.He used to stay over there and had his food there in the restaurant.Mr.Gulab Bhai Purohit gave his spare time as a supervisorin the Restaurant.This was the beginning of his times in the Hotel and Restaurant business.
He liked this business and decided to join for the full time Manager.At this timethe year was 1970.He worked here for nearly four years.After a span of time he and one of his friend decided to open a restaurant in Partnership.They made it with the name of “VAIBHAV”.They did this business successfully for 18 years and then decided to open his own restaurant.A new world was going to start for him and he entered into the forey with full of Ambitious attitude,Firm determination,Hard work and Enthusiasm.He made a company naming “Dudawat & Co” under this company name he opened a restaurant naming as “Toran Dinning Hall” on 4th of November 1991.From then to now he is successfully running the restaurant by catering the Gujarati Cultural food which is famous world wideas the “GUJARATI THALI”.
He was also invited at Madrid Span for his quality food management honours award.He did not stoped here he also started other two restaurants of the same kind on the land of Ahmedabad.But due to the lack of management,decided to close down.He did not stop here and decided to make a residency hotel where he shall keep the management team.On the basis of this he made a hotel naming “Dudawat Hotel”on the heart of Ahmedabad and the Commercial location of Ahmedabad “Ashram Road”.The Hotel is situated in the middle of Ahmedabad and is near to the Railway Station and Bus Station.The Sardar Patel International Airport is also near by to the Hotel.The only and the ultimate aim of Mr.Gulab Bhai Purohit has started from the 1st of June 2004.
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